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Tiny Homes

Thinking of going Tiny? Northwest Arkansas Tiny Homes are very popular right now. Let Arkansas Remodel help you get started on your new Tiny Home Today!

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Northwest Arkansas Tiny Homes Builder

Thinking of going Tiny? Tiny Homes are extremely popular right now, and they can save people a lot of money without having to settle for something less than spectacular. Maybe you have some land where you and your family like to hunt or vacation, and you want to be able to stay there for an extended time. Have you thought of building a comfortable Tiny Home on the property where you can actually stay, and enjoy your time there? Well, we can do that! We can customize your tiny home to whatever you need. We are a Turn Key Home Builder, and we have built a lot of Tiny Homes in Northwest Arkansas. If you would like to have a consultation to discuss your thoughts, please reach out to us via email or phone anytime during business hours, and we would love to start making your dreams come true! 

While portable, tiny homes are traditionally constructed homes under 400 ft.². All tiny homes in our property are high quality and offer options that are fully customizable to suit your individual tastes and lifestyle. The tiny homes are fully furnished with standard appliances (refrigerator, oven/stove and microwave).

Efficiency starts with factory assembly line techniques. Both Manufactured and Modular homes are assembled in the controlled environment of a manufacturing facility. In this process, your home travels to workstations where the various components are assembled. Work is never delayed by weather, contractor no shows or missing material.

Consistent quality begins with care for detail. Both Manufactured and Modular homes are inspected frequently at the assembly plant during each phase of construction. In-plant inspectors as well as independent agencies inspect your home on behalf of federal, state and local governments for code compliance. Evidence of this inspection is normally the application of a federal, state or inspection agency label of approval.


On-Site Work 
One of the advantages of Manufactured and Modular Housing is the reduced start to finish time of the project. While your home is being constructed in a climate controlled environment, foundation and utility work can take place on site. When the manufacturing process is complete the interior finish from the walls, countertops and cabinetry right down to the carpet are typically installed. Both Manufactured and Modular Housing are transported to the site and quickly assembled, insuring minimal weather exposure. Once the sections of your house are assembled, the connection of utilities and a short list of interior finish work complete your new house.


Arkansas Remodel

Building the Best!

We have been making dreams come true for many years. Let us take your vision and make it a reality. 

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